78 thoughts on “Joost (almost) Launches”

  1. Om, how do you define a true broadband country? I think UK has more boradband subscribers than dialup now. So 50%? 60% 70%??

  2. Any country where 256 kbps or 384 kbps isn’t sold as broadband, and nearly 25% people are using connections that are faster than 6 megabits per second. That would be my definition.

    I think true broadband leaders are the ones where 25-50 megabits per second is standard.

  3. Hello Om,
    If it is possible, could you please send me an invite?

    Thank you!

    (P.S. Should I have included my email address in this comment or can you see the one that I used to post this comment?)

  4. Would also very much appreciate an invite. Thank you in advance.

    dave [dot] winfield [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. Hello,

    Could you please send me an invite ?
    Thank you very much

    ccc01 at hotmail.fr

  6. Om,
    Can you give us any idea of when they will open this up to indie filmmakers, as Joost would be a great transport for our show.

  7. Hi
    Read the article and it aroused my curiosity. I have never written an comment to a blogg before but now my desire for an joost invite has deflowered me. I am no longer a blogg comment virgin.

    Om, if You could pleeeeease send me an invite I would be really happy.

    Oh by the way, great article. I do want to raise a point concerning the content to non-english speaking contries. In sweden, most young people (younger than 40 and older than 10) speak good english. Swedes tend to be very confortable with english only content. The only obstacle is what the content is about. It does not appeal to us to see commercials about products and services only sold in the states. The only exeption is movies, tv shows and music since we download that from the net anyway. Why wait two years before it reaches our local tv stations.

    Best regards from an ex blogg comment virgin

  8. Definitely one for me would be much appreciated. joeshmoeypeter (AT) yahoo. Thanks Om!

  9. I have access to Joost, but the service itself seems to be down. It won’t boot up because of an error. I will also send out invites when the service comes back up.

  10. Hi Amit Chowdhry,
    when the service comes back up will you be able to send me an invite, and also, will I be able to send out invites to anyone as soon as I get an account?


  11. If anyone has an extra invite, please send it to veytsel at gmail dot com.

  12. Hi,
    I would like to be invited if you have any left!

    Here is my email:



  13. could you please send an invitation to me as well?
    my address is

    tural16 att yahoo dott com

    thanks in advance…

  14. I know I’m not the fastest to reply but I’d be very happy about an invitation, too.

    toeb /at/ gmx.net

  15. I just saw (20 – 30 minutes ago?) on Reuters that Joost added 2 more content partners. I think that it may have said Sony and Turner?

  16. I hate to sound like ‘one of the crowd’ but I would be gratefully appreciative of an invite too!

    matt.harwood [at] yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks in advance to whoever sends one! 🙂

  17. I only 5 invites, and I have given them all away. Are more coming? I have tons of requests. Later,


  18. I’m an olde guy 67. I would like to be young and cutting edge again. I don’t do much w/ computer except email and google. But I love to explore stuff in the wee hours of the morning. I would love to have a whack at joost if somebody would let me have an invite….tks; dorr

  19. Guys,

    If you are looking for invites, by 11 am I should have something all organized for you – it be relatively simple and we should all have as many invites as we need –

  20. May I too have an invitation for Joost please?? Thanks for the initiative OM.

  21. Untill now I was actually pretty satisfied with Dataone’s 256kbps. But now I want 1 mpbs 🙁
    Anyway, if anyone is looking for invites – I am giving them away at my blog.

  22. I would love an invite if that’s at all possible.

    Many thanks in advance,

    david [dot] lerman [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. Hey,

    If you want an invite mail me at

    andy (dot) scott12 (at) gmail.com (dot) com



  24. hi!

    i know i’m late, but if there’s a possibility to get an invitation i really would be very pleased.


  25. I know you’ve gotten so inundated, but could you please send me an invite?

    Thanks so much!!! I’m a big fan!!

    PS. What happened to your podcast? I dont get updated anymore. did you change the link?

  26. Hey There, if still available an invite to joost would be excellent, Many thanks. isn’t technology great. Ali