5 thoughts on “Joost for Mac, almost here”

  1. I used to be an avid reader of your blog until I started noticing the chicanery and the hypocrisy involved in some of your posts. If you get moolah through CPM’s it because of your readers to whom you owe an unbiased version of events. But on the contrary you seem to be the kind of reporter who will trade those values to get connections or breaking news or whatever will take you to a commercially higher pedestal. Eventually your reputation will reach a tipping point and people who matters can see through this.

    I have nothing to do with Fon vs Whisher, but this was pointed to me by a colleague. That represented the heights of your hypocrisy and the depth of the shame.

  2. To Hyprocracy I was the one that alerted the Joost people about GigaOm when they did thier first review if the service I told them they should talk with Om because his opinion is highly valued and he was giving them plenty of free publicity .

    If Joost ,FON and who ever else want to give away invites or free stuff to GigaOM readers its fine with me and it gives me another incentive to read all the sites that are part of the the OMpire ;).

  3. Hypocrisy,

    thanks for the comment. too bad that you don’t give out your name, for i would address your concerns directly.

    regardless, what you say doesn’t make sense. Whisher, got a full review. After looking at it I wrote the review, if you read says it is a nice little piece of software, but not exactly a company.

    how am i benefitting from FON i don’t understand. Funny if I was getting scoops because of a relationship, then I would be the first one to write about the BT-FON relationship.

    anyway thanks for the feedback and bringing up the issue.

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