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  1. Thanks for the heads up Om. I downloaded the latest beta from the Joost site. I cannot say there is a difference but that may be because it just brings my WiFi home network to its knees (nothing new there!). And oh yeah, there’s a promo starring Jamie Kennedy right in the beginning. I couldn’t tell what he was saying as the graphics and sound were pretty choppy.


  2. Damn. This news was suppose to be out tomorrow.
    You guys have some serious connections.

    I want to be part of the gang.

    Where do i pay for the yearly subscriptions?


  3. I am just using Joost for the 1-st time, using a slow DSL line. But it feels like television already. The quality and resolution are impressing. The images never stand still like the sometimes do when I use the TVUPlayer to see US television from abroad.

    The only point is: It is as boring as the television I know. None of the channels does interest me. It is only about celebrities or funsports. Damned! I was so bored by MTV already. Now Joost is copying them.

    Hopefully they will be presenting more content soon. I would love to see news programs from other countries and of course movies.

  4. I actually liked The Venice Project name way more. Just sounds better and more classy. Joost sits too near Joomla, and means… well, nothing really.

    A couple of days ago I looked at Veoh.com player and I liked it more.

  5. Just a comment on the journalism here: why not let your timely reporting speak for itself? You already have a good reputation for scoops, so there’s no need to spend half the article explaining how this might have been another one!

  6. HEEEEyyy JOOOSters :), give me samo kinde of help, can anyone send me this invitation, cause my name will get bored on their site list 🙂 Give me chance to roll Serbia :))
    Thank you, in forward :)))

  7. Does anyone have a invation left and would like to share it with me… Preatty please…

    email: mymac(at)icep-design.com

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