6 thoughts on “June 19: What's Interesting This Morning”

  1. I voted not interesting on a couple of parameters

    – I think individual blog posts would be more useful
    – Maybe the structure (formatting) of this post could be different to highlight things better. (Given that there is a lot of reading to catch up to everyday 🙂

  2. @ Kiran: Individual blog posts would NOT be more useful.

    Unless I misunderstood the being of Malik’s post, the point is to quickly share what’s interesting this morning. It’s been posted at 8am. Don’t expect the writer to publish individual blog posts about every single interesting topic that he read in his past 2 hours. That would be unreasonable and miss the point of the brief overview.

    Because I find Malik to be a respectable Editor-in-Chief, I enjoy reading his morning recommendations on news, even published outside of the GigaOm Network. Perhaps Carolyn Pritchard could join in as well.

    @Kiran: I agree with you regarding the structure/ formatting of the post. There could be an easier way for the reader to “grab and go”.

    I find it a bit challenging to skim and scan the content. So perhaps a space between long sentences, and a consistency with the use of bold and color would help 😉

  3. Om,

    saw your post from June 19th, 2008
    9:21 AM PT
    June 19: What’s Interesting This Morning – GigaOM said:

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