3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Smartphones”

  1. How come there is no column for Symbian? You may discount them as a dying platform, but they own about 50% of the market and will do so for a long time still. Or is this typical American, “not invented here”, syndrome.

    1. Jody

      That is coming soon. We have been finalizing someone to do this for us. On the Symbian platform – it is dying in a sense it is the biggest loser amongst all incumbents.

  2. Very informative post – nice insight into the Smartphone market.

    Did you know 70% of the 95 million smartphones today are not BlackBerry devices.

    But, you can get BlackBerry style services to these 59 million non-BlackBerry smartphones.

    • Full mobile Unified Communications
    • Push mail, calendars and contacts
    • Personal data backup
    • Group calendars and contacts
    • Remote device wipe and security
    • Universal, zero-installation desktop client
    • Fully standardized and open APIs
    • IMS and SIP compatible backplane and application servers

    MobileOffice is a service offered by…well, us.

    We think it’s a good deal too; $20/mo for 4 accounts, $5 for each account after that.

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