3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Smartphones”

  1. How come there is no column for Symbian? You may discount them as a dying platform, but they own about 50% of the market and will do so for a long time still. Or is this typical American, “not invented here”, syndrome.

  2. Very informative post – nice insight into the Smartphone market.

    Did you know 70% of the 95 million smartphones today are not BlackBerry devices.

    But, you can get BlackBerry style services to these 59 million non-BlackBerry smartphones.

    • Full mobile Unified Communications
    • Push mail, calendars and contacts
    • Personal data backup
    • Group calendars and contacts
    • Remote device wipe and security
    • Universal, zero-installation desktop client
    • Fully standardized and open APIs
    • IMS and SIP compatible backplane and application servers

    MobileOffice is a service offered by…well, us.

    We think it’s a good deal too; $20/mo for 4 accounts, $5 for each account after that.

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