11 thoughts on “Kiko Sells for $258,100”

  1. Ironically, if it wasn’t for the buzz the creators made around how it was “non-competitive” against Google calendar, Kiko would have never been sold.

    Now the question is, why would anyone buy it?

  2. I wouldn’t call anyone a sucker without knowing the facts. If someone has a product/service that would benefit from an integrated calendar they might simply be buying the software. After all, well developed software can easily cost much more than that amount.

  3. Given how easy it is to raise capital today, a more agressive group could probably go raise 10 million for Kiko2.0. Perhaps the buyers aren’t stupid, just trying to raise a pile of cash!

  4. I think these guys are awesome. They took a huge risk, built something cool on a shoe-string, and then when the behemoth in the market killed their hockey stick curve, they sold it for a tidy profit. Now they have far more cash than most people a year after leaving school and I’m sure many more good ideas to work on. Plus they’ve had the experience of executing on an idea and selling it — you can’t buy that at business school.

    Great job, Kiko-people. I salute you!

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