4 thoughts on “Kindle DX Goes Global”

  1. These ‘global edition’ Kindles certainly bring clear advantages for US-based owners who travel internationally. They’re much less compelling for international buyers, though.

    For example (and it’s a small point) they only ship with US power plugs.

    Books appear more expensive overseas, as the ‘free’ WhisperNet download is actually offset by a higher book price outside the US.

    Downloads of newspapers and magazines by non-US customers don’t include any images… even if it’s a UK paper (say) being downloaded in the UK by a UK customer.

    The Kindle’s great. The Global Edition is great for the travelling American. Amazon have a long way to go if they want to offer a serious product to their book/magazine/newspaper-reading customers in other countries.

    I look forward to them offering a device that I could seriously justify buying here in the UK. The current Global Edition lineup isn’t it, as there are far too many compromises and limitations outside the US.

  2. It is disappointing for international customers. Most of the books I want are not available for my region. It is silly indeed. I can buy the same physical book on Amazon have them shipped to my country but I can’t buy a digital copy.

  3. The ebookreader market is constantly changing, and this is a good move on Amazon’s part to keep their ereaders competitive. With new ebook readers just on the horizon, it’s pretty much a necessity! Although the Kindle is a strong product, they do lack some of the features other ereaders have. There’s a nice side-by-side comparison chart for Nook, Sony and Kindle at:


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