10 thoughts on “My simple Kindle Fire HDX review: What’s to like and not to like”

  1. I love the e-ink Kindles but a tablet without sd-card expansion is a non-starter for me (that’s why I got the excellent 32 GB Nook HD+ for only $170). No need for LTE on a tablet as I always have my mobile and easily share it data link via its hotspot function.

    1. How can they not understand expandability so late into the tablet ecosystem game? I would be all over this if play store worked and it had a SD slot of ANY size.

      1. Nook HD and HD+ both expose much of the native Android OS, including PlayStore. Further, B&N made a great move by allowing booting your own OS variants from the micro-SD slot without modifying the native code nor breaking the warranty.

  2. The technical specifications are great.
    The real crucial issue is the ecosystem.
    That best screen, fastest processor cannot in anyway make up for a lack of an extensive, capable deep and serious variety of available apps. That is where the Kindle apps store fails to deliver. This is where and why Apple stands above the competition in a major way.

  3. I think the specs can easily make up for a smaller app market. One minor portion of the entire package, which is all around excellent, will not detract from the whole. I have had all the kindles so far and I have only once wanted an app that wasn’t available. Although it is not a concern for me because apps are what I use least on all devices. I tend to use them more in my phone, but pretty much entirely for entertainment purposes in my car, the rest tend to be unused crap I eventually delete. What I do use my tablets for is to watch movies, surf the web, read email, do school work, take notes in meetings, edit documents heavily while on the go, read magazines, shop, and listen to music. Considering that the HDX specs are currently the best on the market, I don’t see how any other tablet can enhance my experience with what I mentioned above. And 80k apps (Amazon’s total) is about 70K more than I will ever care about as it is.

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  5. Correction: Fire HDX 7″ is actually lighter than iPad mini – 303 grams and 311 grams for WiFi and 3G, respectively, compared with 308 grams and 312 grams for iPad mini.

  6. I read the review and saw you mentioned Pandora, but didn’t say how the sound is… Will I continue to need my mini-boombox speaker like I use now with my phone or are the speakers adequate? Thanks for the great details here otherwise!!

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