4 thoughts on “King Ed Walks into the Sunset”

  1. I went to the stockholder’s meeting today in San Antonio.

    No one in the media picked this up: Ed pulled an iPhone out of his suit pocket and talked about the fact that he already had 1,000,000 of these on order.

    I was surprised to see how many “old” people were there. Lots of little old ladies, lots of retirees, lots of union folks. Very colorful and interesting crowd.

    Also, a nice touch. Ed was hanging out in the lobby saying hi to people.

  2. What has been great for T shareholders, and for Ed’s personal bank account, has been a disaster for the American people.

    I have to wonder if most Americans realize they live in a third world nation when it comes to broadband quality, speed, and prices. Every year the US slips further behind more and more countries in broadband, and it’s the fault of people like Ed Whitacre.

    Shame on a man who made so much money for reducing competition, raising prices, and retarding innovation…especially in such an important, vital part of economic inftrastructure as broadband access.

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