26 thoughts on “Larry Page, CEO of the year? You kidding me?!”

  1. Om:
    Wow ! I commend you for your bold, open and unbiased thoughts.
    Many writers would avoid any discussion/mention of Google CEOs.

  2. How about Jeff Bezos? Seems to be doing pretty well pivoting (Kindle, etc) whilst maintaining their steam on their core business.

  3. On iAds, as a consumer, i love them compared to other ads. Apple just needs to figure out the right economic model around it.

  4. I use all of Google’s major products every day. Except for Gmail, they all suck. The company needs focus, and while Page is supposedly bringing that, his job isn’t nearly done yet.

  5. _____ of the Year is inevitably silly. It is only possible to judge this years performance in 3-4 years when the strategy is fully realized. Steve Jobs in 1997 was killing the Apple clone market, keeping the hardware business and doing everything possible to NOT win “CEO of the Year” from an investor news magazine.

    The best CEOs ignore short-term investors and focus on long-term plays. (And also don’t turn the company into their own private piggybank ala MCI Worldcom as a piggybank example.)

    1. Yep, sadly the CEO of the Year award should go to… Steve Jobs. He did so many things right and set Apple up to surpass Exxon Mobil in market cap.

      But Om is right: these awards focus on actions, not results. With our goldfish memories, it’s like we forget that results come several years after actions.

  6. Man, are you in the Dogs house.
    No invitation to you if they show of their new world changing voice processing system in Android 4.X or will it be Android 5 to get the numbers equal.

  7. When Obama was given a nobel peace prize in 2009, before he did anything even remotely close to what Mother Teresa did or Martin Luther King Jr did, then why not “Page is the CEO of the year”? Let us take all these awards, recognitions, etc. with a pinch of salt.

  8. In general CEO of the Year etc. are BS and one can cogently argue for other choices for the title, this is premature, etc. But using increase in share price as an argument is, IMHO, even crazier than the original effort to choose a best CEO. Share price is just about expectation of growth and as history has repeatedly shown, most often that expectation is based on very little logic. By that metric, Sam Palmisano would have been among the worst CEOs until the last year or so when IBM shares took off after a prolonged slump.

  9. This is an example of how by choosing what facts you represent in your story you can very easily manipulate facts to justify your point. Google has seen revenue increases this year of 37% which is a huge number, a number you ignored and just focused on share price. I think you own a lot of Apple stock and like every other person with a blog you use it keep your investment high. Good luck with that.

  10. Neither qualify as CEO of the year candidates – the companies have too much momentum for the CEO to really make a big impact. Simplistic, sycophantic honors of this type are little more than some sort of bizarre hero worship.

    Consider what Tim Cook would have to have done in 2011 to derail Apple – cancel the iPhone and iPad launches… yeah – great job in avoiding that pit hole.

    Let’s find the CEO would avoided retrenchments most effectively in 2011 and award them; let’s find the CEO who maintained a positive growth outlook whilst also improving a measure such as carbon footprint reduction, increased charitable spending (Cook here though 🙂 )

    let’s think out side the box – who do we want as CEO’s?

  11. it doesn’t help your argument when you use a horrible photo of him to make your point…a bit sensational.

  12. “Jobs once famously said that the iPhone was four years ahead of its competitors. Can Apple maintain that lead?” <– you really think that's still true?? I'd say they've fallen behind on nearly everything except market share.

  13. CEO of the year, Stephen Elop , NOKIA.
    When he announced the alliance with Microsoft, everbody said he was a fool. Then Google bought Motorola.

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