2 thoughts on “Learn About the Future of Your Living Room at NewTeeVee Live”

  1. Hi Om –

    I’m looking forward to watching the conference. I don’t understand why you guys can’t grasp the concept of connecting your PC to your TV. You often write about various set-top boxes, game consoles and other expensive contraptions to bring the Internet to the living room. But here’s a newsflash: the PC will prevail. It’s easy and affordable, it’s not proprietary, and it fosters free-market competion among online services such as movie rentals. Today you can do it with a cable. In the near future I believe all new PCs and TVs will come equipped with a built-in wireless ability. So if you plan on discussing “boxes,” please include the one that millions of folks already own – the PC.


    p.s. I’ll be watching you on my HDTV so be sure to iron your shirt 🙂

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