5 thoughts on “Lessons From a Chance Encounter with Joe Torre”

  1. Thats so awesome! I’ve seen some famous people before and when you first see them you have to look twice to actually believe your eyes! Nice work for going an introducing yourself!

  2. I have come across many famous people but have always opted for letting them be. These occasions where normally at dinner or strolling around. In the end, I value my privacy, so why not value theirs. In any case, there was one time I could not stop myself. I was at LAX coming back from SFO and saw Ruben Blades walking down towards me. I have always liked his music but the man is a total renaissance man. I introduced myself, shuck his hand and continued on. He smiled, introduced himself back. Thank me for the kind words and continued on his way. I have always cherished that moment.

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