2 thoughts on “Let the Price Wars Begin”

  1. Anything that’s great for the customer is never bad for the industry… It just means the industry needs to figure out how to take advantage of the new market. If they’re providing something that customers want, there’s always a way to turn that into a business model. The problem is just that it may be different from their current business model — and that requires actually (gasp!) thinking about it. Still, cheaper prices for consumers tends to open up more opportunities, not close them off.

  2. I think on this count you have the premise that “R&D” is a useful spend on the part of the telcos. I would rather argue that this is one industry that is so devoid of real innovation that being starved of their fat profits is something they deserve- our societies need this capital to be allocated elsewhere.
    I say, let the telcos bleed and be forced to evolve ASAP into the dull, low-margin, bandwidth utility companies they’re all destined to be.

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