2 thoughts on “Level 3 Shocker”

  1. In my college salad days, we used to cut corners and drink “Early Times”, which we took to calling Ugly Times because of the next day hangovers.

    So, Om, you make a great points about the darkside about outsourcing sales and marketing, ie reselling.

    Now thanks Moore’s law and silly investment bankers, raw telephony capacity will exceed demand for another generation, at least.

    So what really intrigues me is just how lame the competitive marketplace really is. I mean giving away more service for ever lower prices is hardly novel.

    What might be interesting is if a carrier ever decides to differentiate itself along a resource that is actually scarce. Then perhaps somebody might unlock some real value, other that short term arbitrage plays on the eternally slow moving incumbents.

    PS. I still have a sense that the recent Telecom bottom will be revisited in a few more years.

  2. I could not agree with you more Charlie, and sometimes, strange as it may sound, the market refuses to acknolwedge the reality. I think it was about eight months ago I posted, the continuing telecom death spiral. Its still somewhere on the site, and that obviously did not make sense to anyone.

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