2 thoughts on “Level 3 VoIP, IDC on Wireless and Cordless handsets”

  1. I saw the Voipster presentation at Hotspot Event 2004 in Amsterdam where I was also speaking. Totally underwhelmed, me-too technology. I make Skype calls for free, why should I pay? Skype also has conference calling already and the Skype guys have VC money, Voipster will be blown out of the water. Sharing documents? Sounds like WebEX. The only interesting thing about Voipster is that it works also on a Mac (I work on both platforms). However, since they are charging right away for the service, it is highly unlikely that all of my friends and business relations will sign up for it. Thus, back to Skype and iChat.

  2. Correction to my last comment. Voipster got VC money from Prime Technology Ventures, a Dutch VC.

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