16 thoughts on “Levietation: a believer's rise to the top”

  1. I watched an interview of him on the Charlie Rose show. He seems incredibly intelligent and you get the sense he lives it. I’d be so honored if he could be my Paul Allen one day.

  2. Good post, Om! I especially agree w/how you ended it…I was shocked to learn of his 4.1% and my respect for him def spiked up. Really interesting dude!

    1. Apparently, according to Dan Primack, he has 5.6% if you count his new options and that he has special voting rights. Still, the argument stands.

  3. Terrific article Om. Aaron and I have an interesting backstory. While my company was just launching and none of us where getting paid, my friend and co-founder needed to make some extra money on the side and began doing contractor graphic design work for this little startup in Palo Alto. Soon after our launch flopped (interesting side story in and of itself) my friend came to me and said this small startup operating out of an attic had raised some seed funding and wanted to offer him a full time position. Of course, I could not be selfish, as our company was going nowhere at that time. My friend left and took the position of lead graphic designer as employee number 8 or 10 (I can’t recall) That company was called Box.net. (Now Box.com). At an August Captial party, I saw Aaron and busted his chops a bit telling him, “Hey you’re the jerk who stole my co-founder!” He laughed, apologized and thanked me for letting them have him. I felt the same humility, drive and passion in his dialogue and demeanor as you describe and have no doubt he will make Box succeed. Of course, today I am very happy for him and my friend and wish them all the best.

  4. I think in these situations people like Aaron don’t think about being a slave for others profits or why they should do most of the work and other people who don’t work and spend time take the profit. They see their work differently. I myself think about work and this journey as an investment, investment to myself and my personality. At the end of the day it’s Aaron who is used to work all day and has given up the laziness inside of him and his brain has gotten more mature. And that’s the real investment for someone at his age and will increase his chances of success dramatically in the long run.

  5. I have a slightly different take primarily based on my preference for silent types. I am sure Aaron is a great entrepreneur, but he and Box indulge in too much PR in my opinion. Contrast this to Drew Houston and Dropbox. They seem to focus a lot more on results and product. I would prefer if Box and Aaron show up once every quarter or so and talk about results as opposed to putting something in the PR sphere every week.

    1. Fair points, I think they are both different people and represent different interpretations of approach to markets. I don’t think one is better than the other.

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