22 thoughts on “How Lijit Plans to Make Money”

  1. Sidenote: Om, did Lijit give you that chart to embed in your post or did you whip it up? I’m looking for a quick tool to make graphs to bung into blog posts etc…

  2. Om: Nice piece. And thank you for focusing on how a company has a real chance to build a business. I’m very worried about over invested Web 2.0 companies falling off a cliff.


  3. @Aaron Cohen I think this is what my focus is going to be going forward. Unless a company is forthcoming with some measure of metrics, I am not going to write about them. And frankly, if they keep imposing embargo crap – well end of story right there. Apart from that, I am reducing my time chasing news so expect more such pieces on companies that want to spend time with me and want to share as much information.

  4. @Dave Zatz,

    They are going to announce a new network which will be their model going forward. I think for now they have been busy trying to get traction.

  5. “There are plans to allow publishers to sell their own keyword inventory” – That is what caught my eye the most. I have been using Lijit for some time and even use it to search my own blog and find out related posts.

    While I don’t plan to scale my personal blog, I see that as a great opportunity for professional blogs when it launches.

    Looking forward to it and keep up the great reporting Om.

  6. Lijit seems like a really nice idea and I am happy for them! More companies transitioning from free service to revenue is definitely something Web 2.0 needs.

    But Om, are you sure they are running search on 200 servers? 300k searches per day should be handled by a few Lucene servers and a few for crawling and indexing (and these are upper estimates). That number looks really strange.

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  7. @Filipe

    I also never click on the ads but this is how Google makes the major part of their money (around 90% or even more) and you know how wealthy this company is.

    Contextual advertisement like Adsense is one of the most effective way of targeting your audience. When you watch television, most of the time the advertisement is so out of context. Life insurance commercials for people over 65 on the cartoon network late at night like I’ve seen recently could not be more targeted to the wrong people.

    But as most people will recommend, it is better to rely on multiple kind of advertisement like privately sold banners or 124*124 blocks or letting an ad management company do all the work

  8. Om,

    Please investigate further. There’s little to no chance they can successfully build a business that targets search queries without running up against the 800 pound patent troll (in this area) which is Yahoo. Since they bought Overture they have been on a quiet rampage against any company that comes even close to targeting search queries with ads. lijit will never make it. Sorry.

  9. This is the link Lijit is pushing as proof they are sharing revenue with Publishers. Has any publisher actually seen a check from Lijit?

    P.U.B. (Publishers Union of Bloggers) is working to separate the myth from the reality concerning Lijit and actual real monetary value for Publishers. To date, its zero.

    If you know more, fill us and every one else in!


    Barney Moran,

    Founder, P.U.B.

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