2 thoughts on “Like Asterisk, Freeswitch grows open-source VoIP”

  1. Cliconnect is taking a shot on FreeSwitch. We are installing it in a couple of servers to check the performance. We will post the results in our blog.


  2. I use VMukti for my vopi open source needs and has been nominated for the CCA 2008.

    Haven’t used VMukti yet? Well I bet you have a need for it already. VMukti is a Free, innovative, multi-point total communications, collaboration and conferencing engine with built-in support for access to platform features through Personal Customizable Web Interface, Widgets for 3rd party websites, Desktops, and PSTN/ Mobile/ IP Phones. VMukti has been nominated for CCA 2008.

    Help VMukti get the support they need from the user community to continue developing such a great project. You can show your support by recognizing this software in the SourceForge.net 2008 Community Choice Awards. This recognition will help ensure that their software gets the attention it needs to continue to provide a great set of features to the software community.

    You can vote for the software on SourceForge.net by going here:


    Winning this award would mean big things for all the users at VMukti.

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