8 thoughts on “Why IBM, Chipmakers Are Backing an Open-source Linux Company. Hint: Intel”

  1. Om, frankly this is no more than yet another flash in a pan. A random mosaic of competitors and de-riskers (hint: oodles of unclear strategy + poor commitment at display) trying yet again to de-fragment Linux with mobile phones in mind. Remember CELF (CE Linux Forum)? Look at embedded alley (EA), monta vista at a plethora of linux merchants. Look also at MeeGo and moblin and several other “backyard” linuxes.

    Making a CE product entails a huge amount of technical complexity. And, most often, the OS is not the biggest piece of the puzzle. Face it – an OS is commodity. To be able to sell your product, you need differentiating features. And that calls for differentiating investments. Not a sub-$100 million investment in yet-another-commodity Linux packager.

    Finally, why do you point at Intel? OS initiatives and vendors come and go as surely as seasons. ARM based SoCs rule the phone world. Intel is not a player a phone market. And there are hardly any non-wintel player left in the netbook market. I guess this peace will last a while – Intel will focus on netbooks apart from their near monopoly in laptops and PCs. ARM and MIPS based SoCs will rule the mobile phone and CE worlds (TV, STB, BluRay,MP3, ..). Since Android doesn’t yet make sense on non-mobile phone CE devices, naked Linux distros will thrive there. Linaro and its ilk could sense an opportunity there, but it’s a far far stretch of imagination to ink dots all the way to intel.

  2. its flawed analysis …intel also use Linux and so does windriver ……Linux has very good arm support …I think intel should join them

  3. We should ask one think before jump to the conclusion today…lots use Linux on x86 in the past but ARM partners shipped 4B chips (1.4B phone) annually and Intel/AMD x86 has around 300M (PC/laptop/server) today. How many Linux OS running on ARM and how many on x86 for production today? Don’t underestimate the embedded world.

  4. I am impressed with your analysis that links between Linux and Intel, we know that the intel processor is the king of the world, if it could join Which linux is open source I thought it would be a big hit in device development.
    IBM has a long experience in the field will certainly take advantage of Linux servers and Intel to make a super storage and servers that have a high sale value

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