4 thoughts on “Why I think LinkedIn's move to woo students is smart”

  1. Great idea! But, if they continue with their current mobile technologies, which are central to the age group, they will fail. As a mobile experience manager, I find their tools to be quite horrible. Having used LinkedIn early as a sort of blog, it was interesting to see Linkedin move towards that use case. I have however deleted their apps on all of my devices, and refuse to use the website on an iPad or iPhone, which is most of my life.

    Linkedin quickly needs to address the issues that Facebook faced. I find it difficult to believe that they do not have the feedback or the resources to adjust. Personally, I’m not loading another of their apps until another person actually comments positively on the new experience.

    1. Did you type all that on a phone? Well its unfortunate for those who are not on linked in, and i believe thats one of the major selling points, for Linkedin. So why not get them before they are in a company, let them feel they have some control over their career. For awhile everyone was talking about monster.com, then a generation happened. People need to show, they are active and smart, and that not just your resume or jobs. We could not do that before, linked in may have jumped the shark in a few areas, but overall its created a better conversation around getting work. With that said, i am ready for a better one, with more of a focus on building several careers at once so one can jump from career to career without starting over. Something like, a related skills, job search or something. Or even if you do this job, you would also like this kind of work. 🙂

  2. LinkedIn is going to have get their site out of permanent less than beta phase if they want to woo 13 yr olds. As is, it is an absolute mess and email is worthless if you are trying to send out a group notice.

  3. Wooing teens is about content and delivery. You can have the best pictures and quips but if the publishing platform is not tailored to a teen’s preferred device (or to their tendency to switch devices based on intent), then you’ve a losing battle.

    Right now I like the tablet format for researching and browsing passively as if I am reading the Sunday paper. The mobile view is a bit flat… and I am no were near my teens.

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