7 thoughts on “Linksys ships MIMO routers and cards”

  1. Regarding the comment below – Hasn’t Netgear offered this pre-N stuff for months now?

    “We believe that being the first company to actually bring this new generation of MIMO products to market reinforces the Linksys heritage of offering the most advanced networking technology to our customers,”

  2. also netgear is using technology from ruckus wireless, which is not “pre -802.11n” according to some, though I couldn’t tell the difference between the two except for the press releases … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. As an owner of Netgear’s WGM124 I can say that it is so horrendous that I wouldn’t count it. Sure, the WLAN has great range for the full minute it stays up, but basic gateway functionality doesn’t work and it hangs all the time… It really only makes me angry.

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