22 thoughts on “Live Blog: Apple's Digital Media Event”

  1. Hiya,

    Just wondering… How will Facetime work between a iPhone 4,and the next generation iTouch? Since iTouch can’t make phone call’s, will Facetime only be used on Yahoo Messenger, as a webcam? Nice feature, but how to use it, is where I’m slightly confused..

    Hoping someone can help me understand this..

    Thanx Y’all …..

    Joel Ilao

  2. $99 for Apple TV is just fantastic. At this point it’s just a matter of content. Hopefully they offer enough in Canada. If so, I’ll buy it and use it a lot when winter comes. Also, Ping looks interesting.

  3. So nothing on the Classic? Does this mean it’s finally over now? I really admired that iPod; always considered it to be the one “true” iPod. Oh well…

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