10 thoughts on “Live Blog: Google Launches Honeycomb, Android OS for Tablets”

  1. It could not arrive soon enough. Despite the whole craziness about Android the actual data shows its market share still is minimal. Check out http://www.browserrank.com for a comparison of iOS, Android and others for market share. The world map shows the most popular mobile browsers and OS at the country level.

  2. @browser rank

    Sorry, you might want to look at a few other stats. The number of units sold (smartphones) for the last quarter shows Android devices outselling all other smartphone operating systems. Yes, that even means Nokia’s Symbian.

    Android powered smartphones outsold the iPhone 2 to 1.

    Now comes the other Android powered devices–tablets, PMP, mp3 players, etc. . .

    1. I completely agree with you: Android is the fastest growing mobile OS at the moment. BrowserRank has twice today tried to make a different point, which is simply to spam us with a link to the browser rank site. Hint: three strikes and you’re out. 😉

      1. We have different perspectives. You are looking at the sales figures which may indicate hopes of future dominance of the Android platform. On the other hand I am listing the usage statistics from the current time. Right now, (even during the last 7 days) Android is the most popular mobile platform only in, let’s see, Hungary, Slovenia and South Korea. This does not mean we are contradicting. If your hopes turn out to be realistic it will be reflected in our future visualizations too. But not yet.

  3. This is a little underwhelming. Nearly everything mentioned above is already done by the iPad, and likely better. I was hoping for something that knocked my socks off, instead we were handed a nice, but hardly earth-shattering, upgrade to the OS. At some point Google needs to trade in the whole slapdash, utilitarian thing for a fully-realized GUI and OS. It’s fine to leave room for customization, it’s a different ballgame altogether to serve up a tossed salad of widgets, icons, and inconsistent 3d effects. So far, Honeycomb is a joke. Especially with iPad 2 on the horizon, and Verizon estimating that nearly half of their current Android users are switching to iPhone.

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