10 thoughts on “Live From f8Con”

  1. In an hour or so, I guess your curiosity will be addressed. Om, do you still hope to hear an ‘exciting news’ from the FB executives?

  2. “Mark really needs to work on his presentation skills – needs to engage us better. I am falling asleep. He needs to watch Steve in action.”

    Totally agree, Steve Ballmer is much more engaging.

  3. @Syed. We already reported what they were going to announce today. Most of it is the same thing they are talking about, except using jargon and complicated words. 😉 visionaries and thought leaders always do that.!

  4. “Thievery Corp has now been totally bastardized and is showing up as background music at tech events. I am trashing my entire digital collection.” ha ha… best line Om.

    I’m guessing you already know but try: Kruder & Dorfmeister, Hooverphonic, Apollo 440, Morcheeba. None of these are new per se but maybe you’ll like some of their stuff in your bid to rebuild your collection.

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