11 thoughts on “Live IM with VoIP Goodness”

  1. Can you say “Microsoft Dominance” one more time? On the web?

    Can anyone tell me who’s going to stop them? Fat chance.

  2. Can anyone tell me who’s going to stop them? Fat chance.

    I was thinking the same thing myself. So many people are getting caught up in the craziness of Web 2.0 and the “Ago of Google” that they seem to forget who owns the personal computing market. It’s not like Microsoft is some random tech company. They are a powerhouse, and will continue to be for the forseeable future. If anything, I see Google, Mozilla and the like as good things for the “Big M”. Competition always forces Bill Gates & Co. into creating more innovative productsand pleasing the consumer first and thier stock holders second.

  3. i am not particularly afraid of microsoft conquering the web. look at msn search – has that changed the pie chart of search marketshare? not much. did the introduction of gmail cause users to drop yahoo mail accounts in the millions? no. and this use-case as described above is over the heads of 99% of users, sorry but its the truth, most home users wouldn’t grok what is going on. its a cool demo but thats about it.

  4. These new applications will be intesting to see how deeply they integrate with the entire online experience.

    MS has some good ideas right now, will be an intersting show to watch.

  5. VoIP with Maps??? Not really such a new thing.

    It’s been available with GizmoProject for 4-5mths now.

    While I am not so sure how the 2 compare on all features I’d say GizmoProject with it’s VoIP, instan messaging and conference capabilities is worth investigating.

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