15 thoughts on “LogMeIn Buys Hamachi”

  1. Om,

    Thanks for the kind note about my observations and investigation into Hamachi. Phoneboy Dameon Welch-Abernathy and I have had some interesting conversation about it.

    Note: Wish you’d been at Andy A’s birthday dinner this evening. I ‘m in Santa Clara for the VoIP Developer Conference and had hoped we might connect in person. I look forward to that one of these days soon.

  2. User beware, Ken Camp has no idea what he is talking about.

    Hamachi does not establish tunnels via gateways. .cc domains are owned by VeriSign, not Cocos Island. Check your facts.


  3. Now Hamachine became really popular among the LAN games playing crowd. No need to connect to Blizzard’s Battle.net or similar services. Will these gamers pay up?

  4. I love both these companies and I think this is a really smart move on their parts, but the best part of all of this is the announcement on the Hamachi forums that there’s no plan to start charging. Hooray!

  5. They would be able to add another 100,000 users once Steve Gibson finishes and published his VPN Guide on GRC.COM / Security Now…

  6. Forgot to add that I’ve been a freebiw LogMeIn user for some time and it’s really quite rock solid. Add in the bells and whistles and security from Hamachi and I think we ahve a WINNER !!!!

  7. I believe Ken’s ‘review’ was thoroughly debunked over 4 months ago- see the comments on his site. He promised a follow-up but so far there hasn’t been word of it, or any other clues as to where Ken got all the strange information from.

  8. it would really suck if they start charging for hamachi because it has been free for a long ass time and now if they start charging money for it people will stop using it and probably find another program. because there are some programs that allows you to play on blizzard battle.net under a different gateway so the same cd-keyed people can play together. i know if hamachi start charging they will lose players but i guess they will also make money too since its so useful

  9. I just came across this fine reading. I must say that the right decision was made. I’ve been happy with the changes made via LogMeIn. The layout of the website is easy to navigate. The customer support has been outstanding.
    Again, thanks for your excellent posting.

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