10 thoughts on “LogMeIn Prices at $16 a Share, Windfall for VC Backers”

  1. Despite this being a very crowded market, there is still plenty of room for someone to do it better. The screen sharing and remote access solutions are still very marginal, including LogMeIn.

    1. jd, could not agree more. but as i said… this is a big enough market opportunity. I bet Logmein is going to start aggregating and sweeping up a lot of the smaller players. any thoughts on that?

  2. They are by far the best in the space but I agree that the space needs a lot more work to get it right. The interesting thing is that they have maintained a free model which builds loyalty but seem to have made good progress in penetrating corporate IT groups with their other revenue producing products targeted at specific IT problem areas. Hopefully they maintian that hybrid model so they stay visible.

    Om, you may be right that they now have cash to aggregate other players, the problem is that their product line is pretty broad already and if they spread to far to fast they will do a lot of damage to their business (stretching R&D capacity). If they are going to expand I could see them focusing on patch management possibly as a nice adjacent space.

    1. If you read that post, you would realize… the headline is sensationalist crap at best and the writer doesn’t know what he is talking about. Unfortunately, that kind of crap is misleading as your comment shows. The company is doing just fine by any metrics, now has enough cash to ride out any storm and has valuable public market equity to become a big aggregator of related technologies.

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