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  1. I tried to search in your past posts to find your comments on “The Long Tail” but I couldn’t really find any. Could you either point me towards your thoughts or sometime make a review of it. I guess it would just be really interesting to hear what YOU have to say about it, especially if you are a non-believer. Thanks.

  2. Just curious…why don’t you “believe” in the long tail “concept” Chris puts forth? I agree that this book is thought-provoking–just finished my read of it.

  3. i have kept my beliefs to myself so far, though have talked to friends in private. i believe that long tail as a concept works, if you have a distribution channel.

    however from the content creator perspective, it doesn’t take into harsh economic realities of life. I would love to let you both know of my private thoughts.

    funnily enough, the book convinced me more about my theory that the distribution channels are big winners in this. for instance the perfect example of long tail is typepad service. millions of bloggers, but in the end the big bucks will end up at SixApart, the company that owns typepad.

    distribution channel is the head of the long tail.

  4. According to the Long Tail, the “big winners” are of course the aggregators and distributors, but the “small winners” are the niche content producers, because these aggregators and distributors, with their use of what Anderson calls filters, drive traffic toward their content that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    As aggregators, they aggregate a profit on each niche product they distribute/popularize, but that effect compounds itself as word of mouth turns the aggregator into a “destination,” so the per unit gain for the aggregator rises at several multiples that of the individual niche producer.

    Nowhere, however, does Anderson suggest otherwise. So I’m curious what you’re “not a believer” in. Where Anderson does err, in my opinion, is in attempting to apply the Long Tail to everything. In fact, Tim Wu wrote for Slate on that very problem: http://www.slate.com/id/2146225


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