22 thoughts on “Look Who's Launching an Email Service”

      1. TOTALLY! The name speaks volumes, esp. given the Ray Ozzie connection. I’ve always liked the integral architecture of Lotus but it’s such a dog to use…I dunno, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        Also curious to see how Unified Communications comes into play for these services…if at all.

    1. Hi James – iNotes is just the browser version of Lotus Notes. iNotes is to Notes as Outlook Web Access is to an Outlook/Exchange account.

      iNotes has actually been around for years inside corporate Notes shops.

    2. This isn’t related to IBM Lotus Notes/Domino code – it is not the robust IBM Lotus Domino Server on the backend, and doesn’t come with support for the superior IBM Lotus Notes client. It was based on the code from the Outblaze purchase – which has 40million mailboxes with basic web/POP/IMAP access – the browser experience has been enhanced and branding under the much cooler IBM LotusLive brand.

  1. Can anyone confirm that this can connect to a traditional notes account? My work notes account does not allow pop or imap connections (thus only to lotus notes desktop software) and I thus cannot get it on my mobile phone. If this can get a connection to my notes server, and then allow me to relay it to my phone, that would be AMAZING.

  2. Yeah what the heck is that. It can’t even compete with gmail which is FREE. I don’t understand why anyone would buy this email service. I guess there is a lot more genius to the marketing of it.

  3. How unfortunate that you can’t sign up online and have to contact the IBM Sales team, the resulting link generates “error message 40: This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

    1. Well, Steve Jobs has been really successful at doing just that, getting people to pay him to kick them in the nuts.

  4. IBM bought out the Hong Kong based email service provider Outblaze earlier this year, so it’s really the same competition under a new name. The pricing is nothing market blazing, as we have been offering $3 / 1GB IMAP/POP3/Webmail including AS/AV for a few years now.

    1. @Frank Muto

      Thanks for that reminder. I guess these days so much happens that it often is hard to remember a deal from two weeks ago, forget 12 months. Thank god we have readers like you with total recall.

  5. IBM’s SWG, specifically their Lotus Sametime Server group is still “completely” premises based, save one company each that offers dedicated hosted servers. But so is Microsoft’s Office Communication Server r2. Now for both IBM and for Microsoft, Sametime Server and OCS r2 as prem-based solutions are the w/w market leaders in communications and collaboration solutions (along with Cisco). Lotus Live and Websphere are careful steps in the right direction by IBM to delivering solutions to a cloud-based environment. The bigger and more interesting step will be when these Unified Comm’s and Collaborations solutions can actually support multiple tenants in the virtualized cloud. That’s when the scale and extensibility become exciting and can dig deeper and deeper in to the enterprise customers, which is IBM and even Microsoft’s bread and butter.

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