8 thoughts on “Look Who’s Talking”

  1. 727 and 626 monthly mou’s seem very low.

    Sextel is firmly above 900 mous
    (that’s more than 15 hours, for the people of Rio Linda, CA)

    MetroPCS subscribers clock more than 1700 mous.

    PS. The link is broken.

  2. and WHO ”’terminates” most of these Cingular and AllTel minutes along with SPRINT and ATT????????? Level3
    Why does Level3 have 10 of 10 Largest Cellular Carriers???

  3. charlie,

    fixed the link. sorry about that.

    i bet the other companies are not revealing their information – i am sure, the usage on t-mobile has to be pretty high given their low cost plans.

  4. The US does not have calling party pays, so most US users ‘pay’ by the calls coming out of their included minutes. Some companies have free incoming calling.

  5. You think Union Sq. is a “big Community Park?”

    It is one of the smaller parks in the City.

    Where are you from, San Jose?

  6. michael,

    if you have spent nearly 10 years in a 300 square foot studio in east village, union square and washington square park look like big community park.

    central park is a virtual jungle in comparison, in a good sort of a way.

  7. I have observed that people in India talk on mobiles much more than in US (at least in the Bay Area, which I visited recently). If you visit an airport in India, you will find almost everybody talking on mobile phones, in malls people are mostly talking to other people.

    I wonder if the statistics pointed by the bar-chart reveal the prepaid customer base or not? About 80% of the customers in India use prepaid mobile, and they talk a lot!

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