3 thoughts on “LTE, smartphones & video are adding up to a mobile data boom”

  1. it will be interesting to see how Asian countries will grow in next few years. modern communication is perfect fit for these regions than anywhere else in the world.

  2. I could have told you this three years ago OM – why do you think I’m such a stubborn proponent of the unlimited data plan? It’s beyond obvious that that capped data plans being imposed by carriers in the U.S. today are obsolete.

    Wake me up when carriers move to either metered billing plans or speed-based pricing! There’s no reason (other than corporate greed) why carriers cannot charge a flat $2/GB for LTE service or charge a flat $50/month for a 8800kbps connection without milking users for overage fees and without imposing a pathetic data cap. There’s no way I’m paying $300+/month to Verizon for it’s 50GB data plan, but I’m also not going to shell out $200 for the latest smartphone only to get a week’s worth of fun out of my data allowance.


  3. Om, the carriers are only going to make money on Video by consuming all the bundled allowance. If people are on unlimited plans, operators will make nothing (i.e. no marginal income, just the fixed plan cost, though people may be more motivated to buy expensive unlimited plans if they watch a lot of video).
    I read somewhere that Youtube was consuming some huge percentage of all data usage on mobile, which makes me wonder how sustainable the current model is, with Youtube starting to get a lot more ad revenue. Is there a need for Youtube-specific (or any other video provider) backhaul directly to the base-stations? You can bet that Google is already thinking about these things, even if the operators aren’t!

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