3 thoughts on “LTE Will Crush WiMAX. Eventually! [Infographic]”

  1. It’s like comparing betamax and vhs. If you just sat down and watched, you had no idea which technology was used. And the media loves a horse race. But the fact is, there is little to differentiate the two and eventually WiMax towers will just support LTE as well. Why did LTE “win”? Sprint got WiMax to market first. The other carriers then seized the opportunity to spread fear and uncertainty by going with LTE. Don’t go with WiMax as it’s obsolete…wait until LTE is online.

  2. @PBlanc
    LTE is defined of the Phone industry and Wimax is defined of the Data industry, with Intel as primusmotor. That why!

    I believe there will be alot of congestion in the LTE network in the future. I will hope that Wimax still will be there to take off the mobil data press.

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