One thought on “Lucent, better than Vegas?”

  1. In addition to Lucent’s comfort-zone re-awakening as a player among the corporate giants (as referenced in your piece), there is a small fact that seemed to pass by Lucent’s corporate-type leaders: the patents! All those Bell Labs and AT&T developed! Concepts, technologies, instruments and coordinates…the mere licensing should generate in huge amounts of residual revenues.

    And the copper and iron types, “old Bell-Heads” as we endearingly call them, have not made the giant step to the IP world. It is too great a cultural and paradigm leap for them.

    Put a bunch of Cisco types over there on a common level corporate engagement and watch the world change. Sadly, disenfranchised (or just laid-off) NewTech types would be fish out of water in the Lucent workspace.

    And yet, it is Lucent where so much of the “change the world, bring the world together, connect one and all” thinking had many an embryotic moment.

    What’s that drone in an old pop song? Oh, yeah, I remember: “Everything must change!”

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