5 thoughts on “MultiStream CableCards Get Going”

  1. Wonder what this means for TiVo series 3 purchasers? $799 + subs for a box that may not support the new interface? Ugh.

  2. Wait for CableCard… no, wait for M-Card… no, wait for two-way CableCard… no, really, this time we’ll get it right with DCAS! This whole thing is nothing more than a political game; unfortunately I have no positive suggestions.

  3. Wonder what this means for TiVo series 3 purchasers?

    Well, TiVo Series 3 has two first gen CableCard slots in order to allow two streams at once. This would simply allow the use of a single M-Card instead of two CableCards.

    TiVo Series 3 purchasers wouldn’t be screwed, but certainly I would expect TiVo to move towards adopting support for this as well. (Though, would they drop the dual CableCard feature, considering that not every cable company might get M-Cards working at the start?)

  4. Comcast been installing these for the past several months. The cable guy came to my house to fix my net connection last Friday and said he was off to install another one of them. It looked just like a pc card to me but it goes directly into the television.

  5. As John Thacker stated, the TiVo Series 3 does have 2 first generation CableCARD slots, and the M-Card is backwards compatible. However, TiVo’s current Series 3 box does not take advantage of the multistream function in the boxes I’ve installed, and still require the sub to obtain and lease 2 separate CableCARDs, be it the old or new…
    So TiVo still loses, unless you don’t mind the extremely expensive cost of the set-top box itself and the lease of 2 cards…
    TV is getting more and more expensive by the day…

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