7 thoughts on “M2Z’s Wireless Broadband Utopia”

  1. I like how they give the FCC a month to decide on their proposal, but themselves 10 years to actually build the network (it is pretty well established from past projects like AT&T Wireless’ GSM overlay that it would only take 2 years to build a nationwide network). Are any of the NextWave guys secretly involved in this?

  2. Once again, the FCC appears to be the problem, not the solution.

    Right as new wireless technologies and companies are starting to make headway in the market, the FCC wants to bundle up the whole market and sell it off to a single third monopoly! This is insanity.

    I can understand falling for the carrot of having free wireless internet access, but look at it really. It is nothing but another governmental sanction for another big monopoly.

    Wireless companies are already starting to come online, from WiMax and Canopy networks, to revamped microwave relays. Dozens of companies already exist, are giving great deals even in the early-adopter phase, and are growing every month. This monopolistic license would do nothing but freeze this competitive growth.

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