12 thoughts on “Mac Mini, a Fixed Mobile PC”

  1. Although I think the iMac Mini will be a huge success, a $500 iMac plus the cost of a solution like Elgato’s does not make for a competitive solution in the consumer electronics sphere compared to a dedicated device like a $100-$300 Tivo or an almost free solution from your local cable company. I’m sure some will do it, but it will be the more adventurous among us who do so.

    If Apple really wanted to confront this market, a dedicated device at a much lower price would be more appropriate. Oh, how I wish the Airport Express had come with video-out on it.

  2. “This is the year of HD video” – Steve Jobs 1-11-05

    The Apple home media server is still making its way to market – possibly in that same 6.5×6.5 form factor. Its waiting for HD in the form of H.264/AVC, nee Tiger. Same goes for the Airport HD Express. Oh, by the way, where’s that remote that Apple has been working on since July?!!!?

    Note that iTunes will now convert higher rate AAC to 128Kbps AAC for the iPod shuffle. That’s what H.264 will do for video – provide instant conversion to whatever rate is supportable by the transport medium – whether that be wireless (WiFi, UWB (if it ever comes), 3G cellular), or wired (DVI, Firewire, etc). Can’t wait to see what happens in July.

    These budget devices make me think that SJ has read The Innovator’s Dilemma. Don’t you think so?

  3. couldn’t agree more about the home server idea.

    the wifi option and quiet running are the 2 things which do it for me. and a cable in case i want to plug it in at the router and run it as a regular server.

    comes preinstalled with apache and php.

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