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  1. I migrated to Tiger a few weeks back and have found ical and Mail unuseable. I migrated back to Entourage…spotlight is cool, but that’s the only redeeming feature of the latest version as far as I can tell.

  2. I haven’t installed Tiger yet, but I wonder if “cat * > mbox” would work.

    I use IMAP (with my own server), so my mail is never under the control of one client. When Mail.app on my TiBook choked, I just fired up Thunderbird. (aka “giving Mail.app the bird”)

  3. Mail Scripts seems to have what you are looking for:


    It promises a script which will:

    “Archive Messages (Mail): Move messages from the selected mailbox(es) to an archive mailbox or export them to standard mbox or plain text files for backup purposes or import into other applications. You can select to move all messages or only messages sent within or certain period as well filter messages based on their read and flagged status.”

    No experience with this whatsoever, it was the #2 hit on a google search for “tiger mail mbox export”

  4. I’m using Mail.app 2.0 on my 867Mhz 12″ PB G4 and with 32 different folders totalling 33,000 messages the app seems to run just fine for me. However I am doing all my email via POP3 and not IMAP (IMAP is the devil) so that might be the issue.

  5. i think it is clear at this point i need to switch to thunderbird. the smart folders aside, the mail.app is slow and is basically making life quite difficult for me so no choice

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