4 thoughts on “Mac users get your FON on”

  1. I am not so sure that Sprint will view negatively such sharing of EV-DO connectivity. After all, they themselves sell or co-market EV-DO routers and what FON has done is convert a Mac/Linux computer into one.

  2. Seems like another hype-generating marketing gimmick, due to the limited 802.11x range and power of a Mac, or PC for that matter. How many places can you think of where you’d be close enough to another person’s Mac to connect via them? Remember the Mac needs to have a wireline or 3G broadband connection. If wireline, chances are you are at your friend’s place, and they let you on their WiFi signal for sure. If 3G, say at a coffeeshop or airport, how many folks will be excited about sharing already limited, narrow 3G bandwidth? And finally, more and more coffeeshops offer free WiFi. So I think it’s a cool idea but don’t see too many use cases.

  3. Share your Wi-Fi? Share 3G? Concerns about security, bandwidth & violating SP contracts?

    Do not worry. What’s the point when someone has TW cable on 24th floor and coffee shop at the ground level is already offering free Wi-Fi (without FON).

    Ads (if TV & Google is not enough) on your 24th floor Wi-Fi? Privacy? You can worry now. 🙂

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