3 thoughts on “Maine towns plans to go all WiMAX”

  1. Hi, I would like info about WiMax in Maine, especially in the Ellsworth and Hancock area (Bar Harbor area). I would like to help if I can. Thank you very much.

    I live 2.2 miles south of Rt. 1, from the center of Hancock. (West Side, Hancock Point Road).

  2. This news is so old.. its october 15th,2007 and nothing has ben done to bring Wimax to the rural areas of franklin county. I live in Chesterville.

    High speed is all around me in the most remote and under developed areas.

    yet on the dutch gap,Pope road we don’t have highspeed. What gives?

    Farmington Bringes highspeed to Northern chesterville,Fayette brings highspeed to the ridge road and those small areas on the hill by it.

    Wilton brings highspeed burrow road..

    sadly I doubt it will ever come to the dutch gap & pope roads 🙁

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