14 thoughts on “Major League Baseball, Six Apart Deal In The Works”

  1. MoveableType and TypePad are cool but aren’t free. (TypePad has a 30-day free trial.) Blogger may not provide all the features that MT and TP provide but Blogger is free and is easy to use…and even allows publishing blogs to your own domain. The less said the better about the feature set and ease of use of Yahoo’s 360 and Microsoft’s Spaces.

  2. it would be nice if it wasn’t just athletes blogging, or baseball fans blogging, but both parties blogging – together.

    it would allow for an interesting conversation and outlook on baseball if there were two players and two fans posting on the same blog. just a thought.

    glad they chose 6A though, at least they’ll be sure that whatever they do will be handled professionally.

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  6. MLBlog.com is not a blog. It looks more like baseball’s latest revenue stream — charge fans five bucks a month for the ”opportunity” to blog about their favorite team! What a pity. If I wanted to blog about my favorite team, I certainly wouldn’t pay MLB for the tablet. And I doubt I’ll bother reading any of these fans’ ravings. Blogs are about intelligent opinion and insight, and I can get that from SportsBlogs Nation (sbnation.com). Unfortunately, none of the SportsBlogs Nation guys appear to have media credentials; they’re mostly blogging from a fan’s point of view. MLB should have just told its beat writers at mlb.com to trash the newspaper style writing and posting they do and start blogging. And they should have used scoop so fans could attach their own ”diaries” to these blogs.

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