11 thoughts on “Mapping Microsoft’s Competition”

  1. ramana – it is more of a metaphorical description of the competition. just like there is no real silicon valley, just a concept. though from a literal standpoint, you spanked me nicely

  2. I think with the “live” initiative Microsoft has finally gone insane in trying to compete with Google.

    Google: hires “a few” developers to work on OpenOffice.

    Microsoft: totally changes it’s business model and shoots itself in the foot by creating competing products to their own very profitable Office division.

    MS should just stick to what it does best instead of pursuing bizzare pie-in-the-sky projects to kill Google.

  3. You left off tons of folks, but most notably Adobe and Macromedia. More narrowly, WebEx competes as well (Office Live, Office Live Meeting)

  4. Excuse me! who says Microsoft is doing monopoly? tell me the one who is not trying to do. Google or Macromedia or any other. The only diff is Microsoft is doing and other are trying to do…
    thats it. And among those a few are killed like Netscape..

    Man its all abt business…not technology

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