15 thoughts on “Marc, the Man Who Cried More Open Social”

  1. Jeez, nothing passive-aggressive about this post 🙂 Canter is one of the small cadre of true prophets in Silicon Valley. FWIW, Om, you shouldn’t be upset that Marc was right before you were on this topic — it’s not your strength. Your strength is telco, broadband, anything tied to PHY layer. There are only one or two people I would consider more authoritative than you on that topic.

  2. Om

    I’ve never seen any evidence that Marc’s aggression is passive. But he’s usually right, and this is an important issue.

    You didn't make the jump in this particular item, but whether people have choices like this is a crucial issue for Facebook.


  3. Joshua and Dave,

    Having known Marc for a long time, I would say I speak from first hand knowledge.

    On him being right about social networking issues, I don’t think it is an issue for me to be delayed in getting my thinking right on those subjects. My post pretty much states that Marc is the man ahead of everyone on all issues social.


    I am not sure how you get the impression that I am upset about marc being right before I am. 🙂 I am actually acknowledging that Marc got it right long before we all even started to contemplate the complexities of it all.

  4. cantor, winer, gillmor, kapor: these pontificating geezers are so difficult to work with that they can not attract enough talent to build the next big thing.

  5. What Om means by me being passive is that I refuse to put pressure on him or Arrington for coverage. I truly believe that its their job to decide when and if myself and my company deserve it. So I often hint and cajole, but never ask for props or cred.

    When I returned from dinner and watching “National Treasure this evening, I found our site down.

    You won’t be finding Ning down – not as long as Marc Andreessen is running that company. So we still have a way to go.

    And as far as being visionary and right – well “Gosh, gee willerkers – lets all use these insights to make some fucking MONEY!”

    As Dave Winer says: “its time to monetize!”

    And finally to Om – you are my hero for no other reason that you’ve lost weight and look GREAT! Now I have something to strive for!

    And I love the term ‘Broadband bandits’ cause I’m a Broadband Mechanic!

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