4 thoughts on “Video: Marten Mickos, ex-CEO of MySQL on Oracle, Open Source Startups & Lessons of MySQL”

  1. You forgot to report about his response to “Will Oracle destroy MySQL and how does NoSQL movement impact MySQL?”

  2. Yes, I firmly believe that Oracle is going to kill MySQL movement and will force the community to either look for an alternative or move to MyOrcl.

    I had close encounter with Oracle recently where I was exposed to their dangerous fangs.

    first some background, I am CTO of a soon to be listed VAS company providing Managed Telecom apps to operators in India and run a large no. Of MySQL installations running simple IVR services. We have been a great beneficiary of MySQL movement as being part of very Low ARPU telco ecosystem profitably running services means using Open Source wherever possible to keep cost low.

    Oracle through Sun visited our office with a large Japanese guy (who remind me of Samurai in suit). Very early the Samurai told us in a No Uncertain manner that his mission is to get us into a Commercial Licensing for MySQL, to which I retired back that my mission is not to spend a single dollar for any DBMS with equal forcefulness. He threatened with GPL violation which they need to report.I am aware of GPL licensing and we do not violate it.

    To me the message is clear

    In five years MySQL is dead. Community need to build an alternative. Oracle will try everything to get the MySQL on commercial licensing at low price and then migrate them to Oracle. They will support it but will make life difficult for open source community. I have zero doubt on this as I have seen this first hand.

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