89 thoughts on “Mathew Ingram Joins GigaOM”

  1. Great move Om and congrats Mathew! Mathew is one of the most likable and inspiring people in the MSM world and it’s awesome that we’ve won him over to the blogosphere! Just wish it was a certain other blog he was joining, but hey – I’m happy for you guys!

  2. Congratulations Mathew! Given your omnipresent insights, GigaOM is in for a real treat, and so are we, the readers- formerly known as the audience :).
    Om- does this mean that we can expect more Canadian coverage from GigaOM?

    1. William, great point. Mat is an example of the great but ignored Web talent we have here in Canada. I hope Om will provide Mat with some space to spotlight Canadians.


  3. I met Mathew long before Blogging was cool. In fact, he was on a panel at an event called, Blogging For Corporate Communications (I think this goes back to 2005). He was one of the journalists on a panel conversation, and at that moment I knew the needle was going to move. He’s smart, engaging and a killer writer. This is a huge coup for you Om – congrats!

    Way to go Mathew!!

  4. Congrats Om on a terrific addition to your team.

    Mathew – congrats to you, it sounds like an incredible opportunity. While this post doesn’t say whether you will be moving to sunny California or staying here in Toronto, I hope that wherever you will be, that you continue to be a part of the MESH Conference (an event which inspired me to engage in social media).


  5. Great call Om and team.

    Congrats once again Thewie…hope this doesn’t mean you’re going to miss too many mesh meetings because you’re hanging out with all the cool kids in the valley πŸ˜‰

    Very happy for you.

  6. Congratulations to both Om and Mat for this incredibly smart and successful union. I’ve had the pleasure of working and speaking with Mat and can tell you that few people “get it” as well as he does.

    Moreover, he is a down to earth gentleman. My only regret is that I don’t have him in my organization.

    Onward and upward gentlemen. Show us what you’ve got.

    George Tsiolis

  7. Om, your gain is the G&M’s loss, clearly. But as a mesh co-conspirator and friend I have had the profound pleasureto come to know ‘Thewie very well over these last years, and I can’t imagine a better move for either of you.


    • Stuart
  8. Great move Om, and a huge loss for the Globe and Mail.

    Mathew is (/was) one of the mainstream media’s “good guys,” helping the G&M adjust to its ever-evolving market. More than that, his writing has been an inspiration to me for quite a while now; helping me to draw my thinking back from tactics to the big picture.

    Looking forward to reading even more of his thoughts in the future…

  9. This is rotten news in one respect (the Globe is losing an invaluable resource, and some news junkies will be deprived) but terrific news in a broader one; I wish your company and especially Mathew all the best. Mathew is very highly admired and respected – a great catch. Cheers.

  10. Smart hire! I asked him to become our editor a while back but I clearly wasn’t convincing πŸ™‚ Congrats to Mathew … this will surely be a great addition to GigaOm!

  11. Congrats, Mathew. We’ll kind of miss you in the Globe, but we’ll probably see even more of you now.
    Could this be a Tipping Point? Next, Katie Couric jumps to NowPublic….

  12. Congrats, Mathew. We’ll kind of miss you in the Globe, but we’ll probably see even more of you now.
    Could this be a Tipping Point? Next, Katie Couric jumps to NowPublic….

    (Reposted to fix typo in URL. Sorry, Om)

  13. Great move, Mathew, now all Om has to do is rein in Mark Evans. It’s a good time to leave the traditional press, eh? Glad to have worked together during past years at the Globe. God, that was 10 years ago.

    Stay in touch.


  14. Wow, stunning news! Congratulations to both of you for what will surely be a winning combination.

    A big loss for traditional media, but I’m sure Mathew will continue to give his ex-colleagues in the industry plenty to think about…there are still opportunities everywhere!

  15. Wow, two of my fave journos working directly together. One, Om, I’ve known non-digitally, back when he was a non-techie (yes, there was such a time, even before we founded the South Asian Journalists Association – http://saja.org – together 15+ years ago. Another Om historical footnote that all his fans here are unlikely to know about. I have more if anyone wants ’em). The other Mathew, I’ve only known digitally, but have closely followed his always-helpful work.

    In fact, just yesterday, without knowing that Mathew was bolting G&M, I mentioned him specifically in a piece about social-media editors at major news orgs: http://bit.ly/sssmed (he’s one of the best at knowing the connection between a journalist and his/her reader and how to make that relationship thrive). What succeeds you, Mathew (or tries to?)

    Well done, you two.

  16. Congrats Ingram on the great job opportunity and congrats to Om on the hire. I will miss you at the Globe. Alas life moves on.

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