14 thoughts on “MBC & Virginia's ambitious Broadband strategy”

  1. you might be surprised by how many readers you have in Va. Perhaps you should use the inclusive “we”.

  2. “…thereby bringing much needed investment and jobs to the state.”

    Much needed jobs? Last I checked, Virginia’s unemployment rate was half that of California’s.

  3. Getting broadband to businesses is only half the battle, the other half is getting them to utilize it. Many businesses are still only using computers (if at all) for word processing. Till businesses understand the benefits and can (cost-effectively) take advantage of those benefits, we’ll still see only marginal broadband utilization.

  4. MBC plans are truly comcastic! In areas that are dominated by the larger telecom entities (such as Silicon Valley) we will never see options such as this.

    I look at this as a tech-catalyst for the entire state of Virgina, something the Internet was created for in the first place. Here’s to hoping other states will follow suit and afford all businesses (large and small) equal opportunity.

  5. PatrickMC,

    good points you make, but despite less unemployment, the state does face some tough choices as tobacco farming and related industries go away. in fact they have a chance to become a model for other states and help become hubs for in-sourcing trend, which i suspect is going to be gaining strength.

  6. David

    you make a great point and i do think state will need to do the “education” as well. i was just checking around and they have formed groups to do exactly that – how to use broadband for business. if you want, i can post some links for you.

  7. So far ? Hardly think of us ? Virginia is and has always been the heart of the Internet. NIST, NSF, the government, the start of the Internet, PSI, Sprint, iMCI, Worldcomm, MFS, UUnet, AT&T, AOL, and today TWC, Sprint-Nextel, NII, and tons of startups … Home of MAE-East, one of the orginal naps … we ARE the heart of the Internet!!

  8. There are really two Virginia’s. One is Northern Virginia, and is, in a very real sense, the capital of the Internet – or at least. a viable competitor for Silicon Valley. We don’t make mashups or AJAX-y web2.0ish things – the folks in NoVA tend to build and run the world’s biggest Internet networks. Note where this fiber network ends: Equinix Ashburn, one of the world’s largest Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and the true successor to MAE-EAST.

    The other Virginia, Om, may be the one you are pondering. Its much poorer, has tobacco farmers, and doesn’t have great broadband penetration. But I suspect many of your readers are from the former Virginia, not the latter.

    Next time you come and visit Virginia, give me a call, and I’ll give you the nickel Internet Virginia tour.

  9. MBC is now working with the Governors committee on bringing wireless broadband to the rural communities. We, Tiamet, are just one of several rural WISP’s. Our backbone is MBC fiber. The committee has found that the least expensive, quickest method to bring broadband to rural customers/businesses is wireless. It’s true, we often have to show people the advantages and new uses of high speed. But once the customers use it, they love it. A lot of our customers are taking college courses over the internet and are grateful to have the high speed.

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