3 thoughts on “MCI Buyout: Complete Coverage”

  1. Fierce battle?

    I don’t think so. VZ made an offer and MCI accepted it. BFD.

    Qwest stomps it feet, but nobody cares, Q is impetent and doomed anyway.

    I seriously doubt if VZ is worried or even thinking about changing its bid.

    This deal is done.

    Now what would be news not just the typical hysterical noise is what are the current VZ-MCI breakup terms.

    If the breakup fee is $2B, then qwest would have to offer more than $9B just to improve the return for MCI shareholders.

    (this is just an example, but I suspect VZ has clauses to effectively lockout other bidders.)

  2. qwest wants their money and use their losses to clean up its balance sheet. there is nothing else there in MCI which in my opinion is losing more business in the enterprise space, than people realize

  3. I don’t see any reason why Verizon would even want MCI, and at more than $6B ??? MCI operates at a loss, and its revenue is down YOY. If Verizon wants to get a national or even global network, why not buy Global Crossing? Didn’t Singapore Tech only pay $250MM for more than 60% of equity share of GC? If I owned Verizon stock, I would definitely get out. This is just too much $ to waste.

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