2 thoughts on “MCI VoIP, Powered by Net2Phone”

  1. Interesting that MCI is offering residential VoIP. It has greatly de-emphasized providing telephone service to residential consumers, but probably is afraid it will lose most of the remaining customers if it does not implement VoIP fast. Seems to indicate power of upcoming transformation of telephony by VoIP.

    For MCI’s de-emphasis of residential business, leading to an 18 percent decline in revenue in that segment year-over-year, see

    press release

  2. Why SIP is always associated with VOIP. I know VOIP but I’m totally clueless with SIP. I can’t believe I was wasting too much money making international calls when I could actually save a fortune by using VOIP and Skype. Now I’m enjoying unlimited PC to Landline and Mobile calls to 20 countries for only $11.55 per month. How cheap could that be 😉

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