2 thoughts on “MCI’s out of Bankruptcy, and telecom is going to hell”

  1. I read your rambling thoroughly to make sure i didn’t miss anything important. Obviously you know little or nothing about how the Telecommunications industry works. If you were to tear MCI (WorldCom) apart you would severly damamge business and world communications as we know it. Why? Simple, because MCI owns the back bone network that the internet runs over. If that back bone were to simply cease to function there would be no internet. So people like you would not be able to post their ramblings for everyone to see. It is ok if you are disgusted by what bernie and the boys did. I know i am, and i work for MCI, but you can not knock the government for not being more strict on the company. It supports most of the communcation in this country, and we do a lot of business with AT&T and Verizon and all those other companies you named. So you see it would not matter who you buy service from they would still need to do business with MCI because they control 90% of the hardware out there that makes the internet possible. Also, would you punish the 55,000 MCI employees that had nothing to do with the bad accounting of Bernie and Scott. Also Scott was no angel in this. As the CFO it was ultimatley his decision to give the NY Stockexchange bogus information and mislead the shareholders. He was responsible to make sure the figures added up, and as muuch as i hate to say it was not Bernies job to make sure the numbers were right. Now am i saying he didn’t know what Scott was doing, heck NO! But Scott should have reported Bernie to the SEC if Bernie told him to lie about figures. So i do not feel sorry for Scott, and i hope that BErnie shares his fate. But speaking as an MCI employee i am glad that Mike Cappellas was able to bring us this far, and i hope that things start to improve now that we are out of bankruptcy. I just felt compelled to share this with you because you seem really passionate about this subject and i thought it might be good for me to share with you a little about the telecommunications industry so the next time you decide to ramble about this subject you will sound like you know what you are talking about.

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