5 thoughts on “Media, Blogging and VoIP”

  1. Om,

    It’s going to be interesting observing how blogging impacts traditional media…..as Andy states, bloggers are “today’s Press”.

    Since bundling content was how the media giants became so powerful…..it stands to reason that disintermediation of content should be a considerable threat (to them)…….and provide considerable opportunity for those who can harness this trend.

    – Bill

  2. I hope you meant “not passionate about” in this sentence. — “I normally donít write a story I am passionate about, whether it is exposing a scandal or simply loving a new piece of software.” — damn those double negatives 🙂

    I just ‘discovered’ your blog the other day and was immediately hooked. Good job.

  3. VOIP is the future thats why all these telco. companies are rushing to grab that frontier before anyone else does, guess only the future will tell us about which direction VOIP is directed.

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