1,339 thoughts on “Meet the Internet's newest boy genius”

  1. I don’t know if I would call him a genius. He’s a hard worker. Instead of just sitting around watching television and playing video games, he’s learning and trying new things. And staying away from girls (for now).

    1. Good observation! Remember he is a kid of the tech generation. This sort of stuff is ‘simples’ to the likes of him. It us less knowledgeable ‘oldies’ who make him a genius!!!

  2. Om. too bad his app is only available in the US app store. Ask him to make it available everywhere. too many developers fear they won t meet users’ expectation but the reality is that many users can speak good english outside the US, starting with journalists, media and more..

  3. Om…you are a seriously great writer and this post is one of your best!

    Terrific story about a really important problem that needs to be solved.

    I shared it broadly to my networks this morning.


  4. How can you say that one algorithm summarized an article 40% better than others? Unless this isn’t what outperform means? How do you weigh the articles meaning and quantify that sort of thing?

    I want to hear an explanation of that. Either way though this kid is boss.

  5. Great to see a kid so young on cutting edge of technology! IBM, HP, Google etc. are working hard at this machine learning, ‘intelligent’ software technology but this is wow!

  6. I have an app on my LG G2X with Google phone which shows the current temperature in my area and headlines from all news source. If I am interested in the headline, I can click it and read the news. What’s the difference of this app?

  7. Love the concept – smart and purposeful. I downloaded the app but could for every URL I tried, it was unable to provide a summary. Even tried big sites like cnbc.com.

  8. Awesome read and a great story. Proud of this kid. I was telling my nephew to think this and it was hard for him. For the fact that this kid is doing is hats off…

    Thanks Om for writing this – very inspiring….